Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday baby Christine!

August, 2008, 3 months old - the first time I met her!

With Tamara - the volunteer I replaced and who named her

                                                             "Djelika-ohh!! Tini be yele!" (Christine is laughing                                                                                           - and what she's shreaking behind me as I type this and she sees her picture)


Happy 3rd Birthday sweet baby girl - you've brought a lot of joy into my life!


Ann said...

She is just tooo cute! Hope you all have fun celebrating!

Anonymous said...

and into mine! Jennifer when you see her again, please give her a big birthday hug from me!!--and greetings to Annie, too. love you, mom

kate said...

Adorable! Happy Birthday Christine!

Ashley said...

OMG - What a cutie!!!! She used to be sooooo tiny, what happened. Happy Birthday Christine.

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