Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas: A dialogue(s)

A phone conversation this afternoon between my step-dad John in America and my friend Jean in Mali:

[phone rings.  John answers.]

Christmas Eve:

Jean: Est-ce que Jennifer est la?
John: Who is this?
Jean: C'est Jean.  Vous pouvez la dire que je l'ai appel√©?
John: I don't speak whatever language you are speaking.
Jean: I do not speak English.
John/Jean: click.

Christmas morning: (Masaran studies English at the university in Bamako)
[6 am. phone rings.  John answers.  Jennifer sleeps]
Masaran (chipper voice): Is Jennifer there!??
John: [grumpy early morning voice]Who is this?
Masaran: It is Masaran!  Is Jennifer there!??
John: [grumpy, doesn't realize phone credit is expensive in Mali] Anne!  Phone for Jennifer! [passes phone to Anne, returns to bed]
Anne: [walks to my room.  climbs into my twin size bed] phone is for you.
Jennifer: Who is it? 
Anne: Someone from Mali. [passes phone]
Jennifer: [holds phone to ear.  line dead.]

[5 seconds later. phone rings.  Jennifer answers]
Jennifer: [very groggy early morning voice] hello?
Masaran: Merry Christmas Jennifer!!!!!
Jennifer: Merry Christmas Masaran!
Masaran:  Just to greet - goodbye!
Jennifer: Bye!

[later in the morning]
John: [normal grumpy voice] Why would anyone call that early?
Jennifer: John, it's hard to remember the time difference when you're in Mali.  Even I call too early sometimes.
John: Well, for Christmas we should get you and your friends a map with the time zones clearly marked.
Jennifer:  Good idea.  Next year.

Nothing like the holidays to bring the world together!   Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Cassady Walters said...

I'm STILL getting calls regularly at 3 and 4AM! Take one of John's maps back to Tene, too, please!

Anna said...

I am glad to know John as I think it makes you appreciate the conversation (or lack of) even more! Hope you had a great Christmas. See you tomorrow!

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