Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christo and Jeanne-Claude in Bamako???

The Gates - Central Park, New York City, 1979-2005.  Christo and Jeanne-Claude
 Bazin - Steets of Bamako, Bamako, 2010.  

walking the streets of bamako
i hear
flapping fabric asking to move slow.
crisp, dyed, fresh on the line.
bazin for the taking - none of it mine.
vibrant purples, oranges, amber and gold.
barika b'a la? i'll take it - i'm sold

 Bazin - Steets of Bamako, Bamako, 2010. 
Bazin - Steets of Bamako, Bamako, 2010.  


Anonymous said...

3:20 a.m.?! Oh my goodness...The fabrics, Sweetheart--would any in either purple and/or amber be available for you to purchase for me, such that either you (there) or I (here) could have something made with it? Your judgment, Darling, is good enough for me. If you think "no", so be it. Ane e-mail from Martha started with "boy howdy" I love you both for it. Sweet reminder. Memaw

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! I did my undergrad honors thesis on them ;) But you heard that Jeanne-Claude passed away last year?

Jennifer said...

thank you memaw! and jess - i saw that he passed away when i was looking for the image - will christo work without him?

Anonymous said...

nice photos-I know I was blown away by those colors hanging, drying from their hot dye baths when I was with you in your land...just beautiful! and lovely poem too.
just got your watercolored letter, loved it. response on the way. Gros bisous!

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