Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kissiba diran ma (The Savior is given unto us)

Annie and I spent a few minutes after church last week putting together this Christmas video for you guys.  I asked her if it was OK to post this on the internet (she skyped with my mom and Memaw once when we were at our training site together in Bamako) and she responded with essentially 'of course you have to post this on the net for your family Djelika - it's Christmas!)

We're wearing our outfits made from last year's Christmas fabric (don't worry, they still haven't gone out of style :) and Christine is wearing the Christmas outfit I knitted for her.  Batuma, her daughter, was on film (thanks for that spindly tripod Kate you gave me before I left - Batuma was a pro using it). 

Christmas and the New Year are times to share with the ones you love.  Know that I am thinking of you (yes, each one of you that reads this blog, I am thinking of you!) and missing you and also that I am spending the holiday with new ones I love -Annie , Esayi, and all their family.  We'll eat pasta (a luxury since it is imported), tiny pieces of grisly goat meat and porridge with lots of sugar and then dance all night. 

The song we're singing (this is all Bambara) is about Christ's birth; see below for some vocabulary words you might be able to pick out.

i ni ce - greetings, hello
n togo- my name is
sagaw- goats
kongo kono- in the fields
Kissiba - the Savior
ka di (dir-an ma)- to give to us


Laura said...

that was beautiful, jennifer! i always love the videos. thanks so much for posting. merry christmas!!

Martha said...

Merry Christmas to you and your host family! Your family back home is thinking about you and loving on you from afar!

Christine said...

Happy Christmas Jennifer! That was an amazing video- thank you for posting. Brought a tear to my eye seeing your beautiful face singing! Missing you and sending you hugs and love from Virginia! OXO

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