Monday, December 15, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

As the Christmas and holiday season come upon us, I thought I'd post some of the things that make me happiest here in Mali. Not pictured are the other Peace Corps volunteers with whom I've spent countless hours processing my experiences here, my lovely family and friends who've sent emails, letters and treats making me feel special, Skype, the list goes on.

Christine is a surefire way to brighten any day

I pass these two (and many other) trees on my bike ride into San each week and whenever I see them I think they look like two friends laughing together.

My cat, Caya, had kittens. While I'm not wild about having all the cats in my bed, they can be pretty cute.

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Carolyn said...

Love the cute kittens although we're not cat people, they sure look cuddly.

Talked to your mom at length a few days ago and she gave me insights regarding the international packaging prospects :) Mom knows the best tricks.
Your trip to Majorca, Spain will be awesome. Mr. T spent time there when he was on a Mediterranean cruise----I just know you'll have fun wherever you meet.
Hugs, Smooches, and lots of Love,
Mrs. T

Your box-0-goodies went out yesterday; mom & I figure you may not receive it until you return from Majorca. Hope it arrives safely.

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