Sunday, September 7, 2008

Pictures from my site

This is my bed at site, with the current volunteer's things but you get the idea :)
Here's my cooking area, I'll try and duplicate this because it seemed to work pretty well.
My front room with the tent I slept in set up.  You too could sleep in a tent in my home!  Or we could sleep under the stars and on the roof.
This Baobab is right outside my compound.  The birds that live in it are really large, as you can tell by the size of their nests.

I just wanted to put some pictures up (I woke up early and not many folks are using the internet so it's faster). 

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Carolyn said...

My dearest Jennifer,
Yikes! and Wow!!!!! Love seeing your gorgeous smiling face which I miss. It surely seems that you are totally engaged in the community. Love the bedroom and tent! Mr. T and I send our love and will be shipping off a goodie box soon although it may NOT arrive in time for Santa, our thoughts are sent from our hearts.
Love you, my dear.
Mrs. T

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